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Noble blood books presents:

Hearts after dark


Crushed Velvet by Silke Black

A dark erotic tale

This book is not for the faint of heart! This is a book about the reality of the life of a sexual abuse survivor. Where sex becomes a tool, a means to an end, a way to make a living. Sex is part of daily life, a normalcy, whereas for most it is a private affair. Her story is dark, brutal and maybe hard to read. But where there is dark, there is light waiting to be let in.

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Back of Book blurb:


Teresa got in over her head when she signed into a sex trafficking contract with the Velvet Passage. Her contract has her making a living, but paying most of it back to the corrupt Madame she signed with. After working a couple of years in the underground clubs, Teresa moved above ground to take on her own clients. While working above ground has given her a certain amount of freedom, she is now beholden to two contracts to try to pay off.

Teresa’s relationships are complicated. She doesn’t surround herself with very many people, and trusts no one. The only person she begrudgingly let into her life is her abusive roommate from college, who wants Teresa for sex and holds a secret over her in order to get it. The only control Teresa has is what types of clients she takes in, even if she gets no enjoyment from having sex with any of them. Then one day a new bodyguard is assigned to her by the Passage, and she begins to see that not all the people in her life are abusive. And pleasure is not a fairy tale.