Blood Price goes free for 5 days - NEWS

I've been on pins and needles for the last month. Finally! After more than 3 years I'm closing out the Noble of Blood Trilogy. Blood War will be released next week, on Friday August 24th. 

Blood Price (Book 1) is now FREE from today through August 21st.

Blood Ties (Book 2) will be only 99 cents from Monday, August 20th, through Friday, August 24th.

And, of course, Blood War releases next Friday, the 24th.

But is that all for the Noble of Blood world? Nope. There will be some short stories to fill in some areas that just didn't fit into the main books.

Like, where was Hudreia and Yosan before they came back to help with this war? What were they doing besides breeding horses? 

And, what are the origins of the Ancient Enemy? There's some small allusions to this in the last book, so you'll have to pick it up to see... but later there will be another short story based on that.

Then one more short, after the conclusion of the War. I can't say more about that without giving anything from Blood War away.

Happy Reading!


Blood Price

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