Short Stories by A. L. Wright



A soldier, locked away for years with no human contact, survives day to day by keeping himself in shape and ready to tear at the enemies who locked him up all those years before. If they ever return. He maintains his physical strength and martial prowess in daily routines, but the long years of being alone has caused him to dream up a perfect companion. And in his mind, she is truly perfect. Every detail has been honed in his mind’s eye, until she seems to live apart from him. Her image hovers around him, keeping him company and pushing him to the limits in his every day exercises. And on the day he finally hears voices outside his cell, he is ready. Or so he thinks.

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A chance meeting in an airport terminal spun Drew’s life in a complete circle. One moment, he was minding his own business waiting to catch a flight, and in the next he found himself swept off his feet by a pair of cobalt blue eyes. That day, Drew chose to help Lillian even though she was a complete stranger, and his heart was never the same.

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Book trailer for Lillian; a short but action packed romance story.